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Affordable Bed Bug Control

I recently went to a home with bedbugs. The homeowner had a severe infestation. In speaking with the homeowner I asked how the infestation got so bad. She said about two years ago that she had called one of the national companies. They sent out a sales man and he told her that it was going to be $1500 to treat her bed bugs. That is not the worst part. He then told her she would have tBed Bugso throw her furniture away and get new furniture. She just gave up because it was just going to be to much. Then recently she saw one of her friends share a post of facebook about Sureguard. She decided to try one more time. We gave a fair price, she did not have to throw her furniture away. She now enjoys a bed bug free home. Great service can be affordable. If you are looking for Affordable bed bug control in the DFW, Irving, Arlington, Lancaster Texas area call Sureguard Termite & Pest Services for your free estimate. Get yourself a Good night sleep bed bug free!