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What do termite tunnels look like






Termite tunnels can be in different sizes, colors and shapes. The termites take the soil and use their saliva to bond the tunnels together. They can build the tunnels up through cracks in the foundation, up plumbing areas, and sometimes up exterior foundation walls. These are some photos of recent tunnels I have found. One of these tunnels looked like a hump in the ground next to the fondation, very unusual. The other one cam up on the outside foundation of a building. I was there 2 months ago and they were not there. Termites can build tunnels very quickly. Three tunnels came up on the outside. One of them was almost the size around of a bananna. It just glancing you could of thought it was fire ants. So be sure to look closely. It is always recomended to have a professional inspection at least every two years. Annually would be the best. We do offer termite control. Our page has information on termite prevention and control.