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When it Rains it Drives the ants Crazy

When The Rain Comes Down, The Ants Come In

It’s springtime here in North Texas and springtime means rain. While the rain is great for our often dry region, it comes with some unfortunate side effects. Ants are one of these side effects and they can be quite a nuisance.
Rain can cause flooding to our streets, yards and homes so imagine what it does to something as small as an ant nest. Like anything else, they head for higher drier terrain in these conditions and that may very likely be your home if you’re not prepared.

When ants are on the move they look for food and water, so if you have anything like that laying around (which most of our homes do) your home is a likely target for them to take residence in. We see the majority of our reported ant problems in the home during this time of year. Sureguard Termite and Pest Services is more than prepared to help you combat this problem but what’s even better is being able to prevent the situation all together through our preventive quarterly services.

If you are in the unfortunate circumstance of dealing with ants in your home now, call us at 855.668.4000 or visit our website here for more information on how we can rid your home of ants now and prevent them from coming back in the future.

Summer Fun for the Kids

Summer Fun: Bug Crafts and Activities for Kids

Summer break is upon us and chances are that even though we aren’t too far into it, your kids are complaining they are bored. Next time you hear, “I’m bored,” remember this fun little blog from Sureguard Termite and Pest Services. Kids love bugs. Kids love crafts. Parents love easy. Win, win, win!

-First up are these adorable paper plate caterpillars perfect for toddlers, easy to do and require very little supplies. One plate can yield two caterpillars.
All you will need is:
*paper plate
*construction paper

For older kids you can take whole paper plates or the centers used for the above projects and make a long colorful caterpillar. If you put the plates together with metal brads it will allow for movement of the caterpillar too. How fun is that!?
These require a few additional supplies:
*pipe cleaner
*tissue paper
*press on googly eyes

Tie it all together with the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle and you have yourself a fun educational lesson on the life cycle of a caterpillar too! Bonus: Head outside and search for real life examples right in your own garden or park to enjoy some outdoor time together.

-Egg Carton Ants can utilize a lot of the same supplies as the above craft but with the addition of a household item almost all of us have.
*Egg carton
*Paint or markers
*Pipe Cleaner
*Googly eyes.

Bonus: For your older kids you can help them label the various parts of the ants body such as the head, antenna, thorax and abdomen.
For a fun family movie night, cook up some popcorn and watch the movie Antz together once your project is complete.

-I like a craft you can eat! How about you? These celery butterflies are fun to make, taste great and are a healthy snack for you and your kiddo to enjoy together.

Ingredients needed are:
*mini pretzels
*cream cheese
How cute and delicious do these look?
Bonus: Pack up your snack and head out with your family to the Texas Discovery Gardens Butterfly House and Insectarium at Fair Park in Dallas. Visit daily at noon for a lesson on butterflies followed by a fun butterfly release.

While these insects are all very fun, cute and educational, if you are currently co-habitating with insects that aren’t, call Sureguard today! We are here to help. For more information visit us

Pest Tube In wall system

Why We Love Our PestTubes & Sentricon System From Sureguard Termite & Pest Services

At Sureguard, our customers are the foundation of all that we do. We are always looking for more innovative ways to better service our customers and their homes. Read The Pearce Family testimonial below and find out why they love Sureguard and the services we provide:

Our family recently moved into our second John Houston Custom Home and we couldn’t be happier! This home offers something more than our last home as it has PestTubes and the Sentricon System from Sureguard Termite and Pest Services.

In the past, we have had various pest control companies and there really wasn’t much difference from one company to the next. When John Houston Custom Homes introduced us to Sureguard and the services that they offer we were blown away. First, our home came with PestTubes built into the framing of our house. This is such an innovative and awesome feature that we feel adds a tremendous value to our home. The PestTubes run throughout the walls of our home and have an external outlet that allows our technician to treat our entire home without us even having to be there.

We love that its odorless and that its a safer alternative for our kids and dogs to be around. We especially like the idea that its treating our whole home, not just the perimeter of the home.

Another service that Sureguard offered our home was the Sentricon System for Termites. Again, such an innovative and unique treatment option that we have never been offered with any of the other pest control companies that we have had. What we like most about Sentricon is that its a preventive measure to protect our home from termite damage.

Our technicians from Sureguard are very helpful and informative and have given us exceptional customer service. We feel that Sureguard has definitely set itself a part from other companies and they have earned lifelong customers with our family.

Black Widow

5 Surprising Facts About Black Widows

It’s summer time in North Texas and that means spider season. We have seen a big rise in the amount of black widows in and around peoples homes. Here are 5 surprising facts about black widows that you need to know.

1. Black widow venom is in fact 15 times stronger than rattlesnake venom. Yikes!

2. Female black widows are about twice as big as males and significantly more venomous.

3. Part of the venom is comprised of  alpha-latrotoxin which  basically takes over the victim’s nervous system. It is capable of killing a human and can definitely kill a pet.

4. Black widows are actually “shy” spiders and are known to bite only when they feel there is a significant threat. They can choose to bite without releasing venom as its metabolically costly for them to replace it.

5. Black widows are active when the temperatures are 70 degrees or hotter meaning summertime is the perfect time for them to be hiding out in your garages and attics.

If you are experiencing problems with black widows or other spiders, let Sureguard Termite and Pest Services take care of the problem for you.

Visit today!

4 Tips to avoid Snakes this Summer

4 Tips to Avoid Snakes Around Your Home This Summer

Did you know that Sureguard Termite and Pest Services can help you with those dreaded snakes around your home this summer? Snakes are definitely another pesky problem that we have a solution for. While it’s true that they are not all harmful, most people aren’t experts at telling whether they are or not. That being said it’s best to not bother them. Here are 4 tips to avoid snakes around your home this summer.

1. Stay clear of snake hangouts
Most snakes like damp, cool areas where they can protect themselves. Keep wood piles and other debris away from your house.

2. Keep rodents under control
Let Sureguard help keep any rodent issues under control as snakes feed on them. Snakes will also eat birds and reptiles so keep bird feeders away from your home as well.

3. Snakes are attracted to water
Keep in mind when watering and irrigating your yard that snakes are attracted to water. Over watering, allowing standing water and well watered, cool gardens are all favorites of snakes. Either limit your watering or stay clear of these areas.

4. Pay attention to gaps and holes in your home 
Do a quick sweep of your home and utilize screens, weather stripping and wood where needed to cover holes or spaces that would allow snakes to come in.

As always, any questions you have, feel free to visit our website, A service technician will be available to help you with your service needs.