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Soring Bugs

Sunshine brings good and Bugs, Don’t Let the Bugs Rule

With the winter and spring rains that we have had there will be a lot of new vegetation will be growing. That is the fun. This strawberry looks very good. What you cannot see from this picture is the large fire and mound beside the garden bed. You need to be careful as you begin your gardening for the spring. If you do find fire ants in your garden area be careful on what you are using to control them. Somethings are not labeled for use in gardens. Gardening can be fun but be safe. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. For Green Pest Control services in Dallas, Irving, Coppell or DFW area call Sureguard! We care about the safety of your family and pets.

Dallas Commercial Pest Control

Dallas Commercial Pest Control

Commercial buildings in DFW have many different types on insect problems. There are also many different styles of buildings. Some are high rise, warehouse, food service, office buildings, medical buildings, manufacturing facilities. The most common treatment method all building owners or managers is low impact or green treatment methods. IPM or Integrated Pest Management techniques are used for the goal of using less pesticides in the buildings, by working together we can prevent insects and use less products. The initial visit starts with a good inspection. Once any pest infestation is identified then curative treatment or preventive measures can be recommended. Prevention is the goal for Dallas commercial pest control services. Many properties are found to have termites, rodents, and ants. With the recent rainy years these are all on the increase. Sureguard offers free inspections and pest analysis on commercial buildings.

Get rid of those Bed Bugs

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

The most important part to Get Rid of Bed Bugs is a great inspection.

Bed Bugs can get in a home undetected. They can get in through luggage, clothing, and many other ways. Their bodies are flat and they can fit into very small cracks. They do not have nests. There most common hiding places are around mattresses, head boards and box springs. They will scatter over time to other areas of a home. They can also be carried to movie theaters, offices, public transportation and cars.

Bed bugs will bite humans or animals. When bed bugs feed they swell up and turn a redish color. Bed bug bits are typically painless at first bud become itchy welps later on. Many people confuse bed bug bites with mosquito bites.

To Get rid of Bed Bugs have an inspection done, look at your treatment options.

The photo above is from a home we treated. See the bed bug and droppings

What do I need to know about the Zika Virus

Zika Virus: What You Need To Know

The Zika Virus has been all over the media in recent months and the attention on the virus is growing as quickly as the virus itself is spreading. So what do you need to know?

The Zika Virus is a mosquito-borne illness whose severity varies. The symptoms are very similar to flu-like symptoms but in severe cases it has been known to cause birth defects in babies whose mothers are infected with the virus and even death. Most people that are infected have such mild symptoms that they are unaware that they are even infected. According to the CDC, it is likely that once you have had the Zika Virus you are more than likely protected from getting it again in the future.

The vast discrepancy between the severity of symptoms is what has people worried the most. According to the Dallas Morning News this morning, scientists are concerned enough that they are genetically engineering mutant mosquitoes that will actually help to combat the Zika Virus. But while that may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, there are some very practical things that you and your family can do to protect yourselves from the Zika Virus this mosquito season.

1. Eliminate any potential mosquito breeding grounds around your home. This includes any standing water such as bird baths or low lying areas in your lawn that pools water.

2. Clean your rain gutters of any debris. Build up in them can create drainage problems and again create standing water issues.

3. Make sure that your screen doors and windows are free of any tears or holes that can allow for insects to come in.

4. Utilize insect repellent and citronella candles when spending time outdoors.

5. Be proactive by getting your home seasonally treated by Sureguard Termite and Pest Services mosquito control.

While there is still a lot of unknowns in the battle against the Zika Virus, one thing is certain that mosquito prevention is a great way to help defend against it. Sureguard Termite and Pest Services is here to help. Call 855.668.4000 today for a free service estimate and we will be happy to assist you with discovering any potential breeding grounds and treat the areas in and around your home