4 Tips to avoid Snakes this Summer

4 Tips to avoid Snakes this Summer

4 Tips to Avoid Snakes Around Your Home This Summer

Did you know that Sureguard Termite and Pest Services can help you with those dreaded snakes around your home this summer? Snakes are definitely another pesky problem that we have a solution for. While it’s true that they are not all harmful, most people aren’t experts at telling whether they are or not. That being said it’s best to not bother them. Here are 4 tips to avoid snakes around your home this summer.

1. Stay clear of snake hangouts
Most snakes like damp, cool areas where they can protect themselves. Keep wood piles and other debris away from your house.

2. Keep rodents under control
Let Sureguard help keep any rodent issues under control as snakes feed on them. Snakes will also eat birds and reptiles so keep bird feeders away from your home as well.

3. Snakes are attracted to water
Keep in mind when watering and irrigating your yard that snakes are attracted to water. Over watering, allowing standing water and well watered, cool gardens are all favorites of snakes. Either limit your watering or stay clear of these areas.

4. Pay attention to gaps and holes in your home 
Do a quick sweep of your home and utilize screens, weather stripping and wood where needed to cover holes or spaces that would allow snakes to come in.

As always, any questions you have, feel free to visit our website, www.sureguardpest.com. A service technician will be available to help you with your service needs.