Bird Removal in Plano Tx


Birds can make their way into your home, warehouse, or office and become a huge nuisance. Unfortunately, birds can be a health hazard by contaminating foods as well as spreading diseases. Often, birds find their way into attics or other ceiling structures and begin to nest, leaving behind debris and feces.


How to Deter Birds from nesting in your property

Sureguard uses advanced Bird Barrier technology such as Optical Gel, a multi-sensory, organic bird deterrent. Optical Gel can be used almost anywhere such as chimneys, balconies, fire escapes, HVAC equipment, roofs, steel beams, windowsills, etc. Other methods can be used to deter birds away including StealthNet, Bird-Coil, or Dura-Spike. Sureguard uses many other Bird Barrier products that can assist in deterring birds away from your home or business.


Bird Removal and Bird Management Services

Due to federal and state laws, birds are to not be exterminated, rather be removed from the area in a safe and peaceful manner. Bird proofing has shown to be particularly effective when done correctly. Bird Solutions of Texas by Sureguard is a certified Bird Barrier installer. If you are a homeowner or business owner who has a bird problem, please contact us 972-406-8600 or 817-648-7400.


Additional Bird Services

  • Bird Repellant
  • Bird-Coil
  • Bird Shock
  • Bird Tree Shock
  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Slide
  • Bird Tension Wire
  • Bird Netting