Black Widow

Black Widow

5 Surprising Facts About Black Widows

It’s summer time in North Texas and that means spider season. We have seen a big rise in the amount of black widows in and around peoples homes. Here are 5 surprising facts about black widows that you need to know.

1. Black widow venom is in fact 15 times stronger than rattlesnake venom. Yikes!

2. Female black widows are about twice as big as males and significantly more venomous.

3. Part of the venom is comprised of  alpha-latrotoxin which  basically takes over the victim’s nervous system. It is capable of killing a human and can definitely kill a pet.

4. Black widows are actually “shy” spiders and are known to bite only when they feel there is a significant threat. They can choose to bite without releasing venom as its metabolically costly for them to replace it.

5. Black widows are active when the temperatures are 70 degrees or hotter meaning summertime is the perfect time for them to be hiding out in your garages and attics.

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