Colder Temperatures and Rodents

At Sureguard Termite and Pest Services, we see a lot of concerns during the colder months about rodents such as mice and rats making their way into your home to warmer temperatures. Often times people believe that something bigger such as a squirrel may be in their walls, but with the amount of noise that mice can make often times makes them sound much larger than they really are.

While rodents are certainly not clean and the idea of them sharing a living space with you is less than desirable, there are some really important reasons why you want to make sure they don’t take up permanent residence in your home.

Rodents can do extensive damage to your home and vehicles including:

*Damaged electrical wires that can lead to fire

*Tearing, chewing and burrowing into insulation

*Chewing and nesting in car engines

*Damage surfaces due to urine and feces droppings

If you find signs of these pests in your home this season call Sureguard and let us help you take your home back these pesky pests. We offer customized services to handle your pest large or small. Call us today for more information 972-406-8600.

Ant Control – I do not want ants in my home

Ants tend to show up when seasons change. When cold or hot weather come ants get into homes and businesses. Ants can contaminate food or other items. Ants can bite people, nest in walls or other places. The best prevention is proper maintenance and care of your property. Preventive treatments can help you avoid infestations of ants. Get your services started today.

Rat Control – How do I stop rodents

Rat Control – How do I stop rodents?

Rats can show up anywhere or anytime. We had a home that had never had a rat or mouse. There was a vacant lot next door to our home. One day we came home and the had mowed the lot. Within the next 7 days we caught 32 rats. The only explanation we could determine is that the rodents came from the lot that was mowed. You need to look at the areas on your property or surrounding properties. Exclusion is the best means of keeping rats out.

Cricket Control – How do you stop them?

Cricket Control – Can I stop Crickets?

As seasons turn crickets seem to show up at unexpected times. Why are crickets so bad at one location and nothing just down the street. Crickets are attracted to lights. They can come by the thousands. Since crickets are hoppers they can be more difficult to control, typically baits are used to control crickets. If you need cricket control call Sureguard 972-406-8600.

Cricket Control in Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Arlington, Plano, Grand Prairie and the DFW area

Large Waterbug Roaches

Large Roaches or Waterbugs in Homes

With the dryness this summer and recent rains these roaches are on the move. They are looking for places to nest and lay eggs. A roach egg can typically have 30-45 babies. So with one egg a roach infestation can get going. The best prevention is to keep harborage areas to a minimum. Keep trash taken out, keep landscaping trimmed up, do not have areas of standing water. If you need Roach Control in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington or Plano areas give Sureguard a call.

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