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The Heritage Real Estate Group team has been serving the DFW and surrounding areas real estate needs with multiple office locations to serve you. We have been involved with the buying and selling properties in DFW and adjacent areas for over 13 years. Since inception, we have always felt that being local is of utmost importance to us. Our team members serve our clients in or adjacent to the local areas where they live, work and play. We strive to be most up to date on current properties for sale, marketing techniques and negotiation practices. We will continue to serve all of the area’s real estate needs for years to come.


Our highly trained agents have an average of 15 years of experience each, and work under an experienced licensed broker. All of our staff members are high caliber professionals with extensive experience and knowledge about our local real estate market. Our agents are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our clients. Meet Our Agents!

Newest Technologies

Our offices are equipped with the newest in real estate technologies. This enables us to find the newest properties available and market properties to thousands of local and national sites. We utilize the newest technologies in communicating with our clients by using an integrated network of computer and communication systems. Our staff has instant access to the regional Multiple Listing Service, Public Record Searches, and many other tools and services. Our company also has the ability to refer you to a local agent anywhere in the country with the use of our agent referral network.

In addition to our agents and brokers, we also have three full time administrative staff members that work tirelessly to accommodate any and all of your needs. They help coordinate meetings, set schedules, and ensure the timely processing and delivery of all your documents.


Waxahachie Tx Local Numbers

Utilities/Water & Sewer: (469)-309-4170

Cable Services:

                Dish: (855)-504-5524

                DirectTV: 1-(844)-276-8154

AT&T: 1-(877)-889-6204

Animal Control: (469)-309-4150

Local Restaurants:

                The Doves Nest: 972-938-3683

                College Street Pub: 972-938-2062

                Mi Casa: 214-463-5904


                Dr. John Bousquet: (469)-800-9500

                Dr. Eddie Joslin: (469)-800-9500

                Dr. Brett Thacker: (972)-937-1613


                Dr. Michael Atkins: (72)-937-8433

                Dr. Craig Barrington: (972)-923-0374

                Dr. Stephanie Singleton: (972)-937-4424


                Methodist Family Health Center: (972) 937-1210

                Baylor Scott & White Medical Center: (469) 843-4000


                Brookside Animal Hospital: (972)-937-1120

                Menser DVM: (972)-938-1319

Police & Fire NON-EMERGENCY: (469)-309-4400

Midlothian Tx Local Numbers

Utilities/Water & Sewer: (972)-775-7130

Cable Services:

                DirectTV: 1-(844)-276-8154

                Dish: (855)-504-5524

                Xfinity: (844)-389-4657

Animal Control: (972)-775-7628

Local Restaurants:

                Bellucci’s: 469-612-5527

                Branded Burger Co: 972-775-2202

                Hibachio: 972-775-6063


                Dr. Chad Coleman: (469)-800-9720

                Dr. Jeffrey Astbury: (469)-800-9600

                Dr. Bob Felty: (972)-723-1185


                Dr. Toni Engram: (972)-723-1148

                Dr. Davis Morgan: (972)-723-5544

                Dr. Debora Clark: (972)-775-2377


                Methodist Family Health Center: (972)-775-4132


                Midlothian Veterinary Clinic: (972)-775-2901

                Welsh Veterinary Clinic: (972)-775-7570

Police & Fire NON-EMERGENCY: (972)-775-3333

Want to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in your Dallas Area Yard

With the recent and continued rainfall this spring, Mosquitoes are very active. I recently was sitting on the back porch and after I came in the home I had been bitten by a mosquito. I did not even see it. The next evening when i got home i saw a mosquito in the house. As an exterminator my house seems to be the last to be treated as we put our clients first. I did have a technician come by and treat for the mosquitoes. Problem solved. We have three options for mosquito control, mister back pack, organic treatment and Protect Mosquito Buckets.

Here is a video showing our mister back pack treatment. Call for a free estimate.

Coppell Tx Local Numbers

Utilities/Water & Sewer: (972) 304-3610

Cable Services:

                Frontier: 1-(855)-598-1534

                DirectTV: 1-(844)-276-8154

AT&T: 1-(877)-889-6204

Animal Control: (972) 304-3515

Local Restaurants:

                Hard Eight BBQ: 972-471-5462

                Anamia’s: 972-304-0321

                J Macklin’s Grill: 972-393-0200


                Dr. Kamna Kapil: (972)-745-6590

                Dr. Matthew Roberson: (972)-462-0762

                Dr. Steven Swaldi: (972)-393-4726


                Dr. John Lee: (972)-471-0647

                Dr. John Bond: (972)-393-7348

                Dr. Stephen Walker: (972)-462-9800


                Legacy ER & Urgent Care: (469)-312-7777

                Medical City Las Colinas: (972)-969-2000


                Center for Veterinary Specialty Care: (972)-820-7099

                VCA Sandy Lake Animal Hospital: (469)-702-1582

Police & Fire NON-EMERGENCY: (972)-304-3600

Rodent Exclusion in Seagoville, TX

When your family starts to notice some freeloaders who aren’t paying rent, it dawns on you that you likely have a rodent infestation issue. Spotting a random mouse or rat in your kitchen can be quite startling, but the presence of rodents is even worse when they’re infiltrating your business. No matter how you look at it, these vermin have no place inside your home or business here in the Seagoville area.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Mice? Our Seogoville Rodent Control Experts Can Help!

Let’s say that you’ve taken it upon yourself to confront your rodent infestation issues on your own. After countless dollars spent on mouse traps, rat poison, and heroically chasing your tailed intruder out of the front door with a broom and dustpan in hand, it seems like the problem has only gotten worse.

You shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable inside your home, a place that you’re paying to live in. Conversely, you also shouldn’t feel uncomfortable inside your business, a place that you make your money. At the end of the day, it just doesn’t make any sense to let something much lower on the food chain bully you and your family around.

Problems That Rodents Pose

From food contamination concerns to disrupting your sleep at night, seemingly innocent rats, mice, and other unwanted critters present a number of health and safety hazards that warrant professional services — services like rodent exclusion in Seogoville.

Rodents are known to:

  • Carry life-threatening diseases
  • Leave droppings and urinate in frequently traveled areas
  • Chew and corrode electrical wiring, often leading to an expensive headache
  • Chew and burrow holes to get into your property
  • Reproduce rapidly, leading to a situation that quickly gets out of hand

As you can see, a rodent infestation is no joke. While you can do all of the research in the world to learn how to get rid of mice, the only surefire rodent control solution is to contact our friendly Seogoville rodent exclusion experts here at Sureguard Termite & Pest Services.

Let The Seogiville, TX Rodent Exclusion Experts Handle It

There’s no telling what could go wrong when you try to handle your rodent infestation on your own. With your personal safety in mind, our professional rat and mice control team will come in and humanely get rid of rodents without the use of harsh chemicals in and around your home. The result? No more rats and mice in and around your property, with no traces of their presence and no sign of coming back. That’s the Sureguard way.