Can Rats Climb? – Keep Rats Out Of Your Dallas TX Property

Can Rats Climb? – Keep Rats Out Of Your Dallas TX Property


We often get asked “can rats climb?”.

The answer is (unfortunately) yes!

As you can see in this rare photo how a rat can climb right up the brick of a building. Lucky for this building owner there are no entry points near this corner of the building. Rats will look for holes about the size of a quarter or larger to enter buildings.

As they go in and out of the holes their body leaves a grease mark often called swing marks. So if you are seeing any holes around your property those need to be fixed. Sometimes these are things you can fix using such products as steel wool.

However there are also holes or entry points that you will need to have professionally repaired. We do offer rodent exclusion services. Free estimates are always available. Just do not let the rodents or animals continue to live in your property. They can carry diseases and can damage lots of stuff by urinating, chewing on things, this can also create a fire hazard.


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