Does Sentricon Termite Control Actually Work For Dallas Homes?

Does Sentricon Termite Control Actually Work For Dallas Homes?

In 1998 we had to ask ourselves this question: “does Sentricon termite control actually work?”

We had been using liquid termiticides for 30 years. With liquids you cannot get to every spot in an existing home. We were authorized to be one of the select companies to be able to use the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. We had about 5 homes that had been treated with liquid termiticides that had continual termite problems.

The homes were installed with Sentricon at no cost to the homeowner. If we were using a product we wanted to be 100% confident, I am pleased to say within 6 months, all the termite activity was eliminated. These home nevers had termites in them again as long as the Sentricon was protecting the home. We did have termite colonies show up periodically in the stations as new colonies tried to move in, but they were quickly eliminated.

The photo below is one of an A/G(above/ground) station that was installed on a garage floor. You can see how the termites consumed the bait.

Effective Termite Control In Dallas TX

We continue to use the Sentricon System today to eliminate termites. Quality service is the key to the Sentricon. We are proud to be one of the Select companies to be able to use Sentricon.

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