Llords Termite Control and Pest Control Irving Texas

Llords Pest Control

Steven Jakana started Llords Pest Control in 1992. It was owned and operated by him for 24 years. In 2016 Steven and Mike spoke about Steven joining in with Sureguard. As a one man operation Steven was doing all the service he could working 6 full days a week and did not have time to assist other clients. Mike and Steven having been friends for over 23 years and Sureguard being a family owned business Steven felt it would be good for his clients and family, Our family has been in Pest Control Since 1967. Having the same values and caring staff wanting to take care of customers with a family approach. In May 2016 Sureguard did acquire certain assests of Llords and customers are being taken care of and serviced by Sureguard. We want life long relationships with our customer. Our team is always available to assist you.