Mosquito Control Johnson County Tx

Mosquitoes are a major problem for many in North Texas. They can be a problem and keep people from enjoying their yard. Mosquitoes also can be a health threat by carrying diseases like West Nile Virus and Encephalitis with you can be infected with by a single bite. They are more active in the morning or evening, and in some situations homes have moist or areas that are conducive to their habitation. Sureguard pest control services offers a mosquito reduction program that can make your yard safer and more enjoyable. Mosquitoes do not know property lines we will also point out any breeding areas visible on adjacent properties.

  • We will locate areas of standing water that may serve as mosquito breeding grounds
  • We will recomend ways to prevent the recurrence of standing water on your property
  • We power mist shrubs, leafy ground cover and low branches to kill mosquitoes where they live

There are options available to help control Mosquitoes. We offer one time, Special Activities Treatment and Seasonal Mosquito Control. Give us a call to discuss the pest control services that are best for you.