Expert Bed Bug Control in Arlington

Although your bedroom in your Arlington property or hotel room might be a place to rest and relax, it could also be harboring some unwanted guests. Bed bugs are nasty little critters that can hide in tiny crevices within a bedroom before crawling out at night to feast on the blood of sleeping humans. A plague of bed bugs can be a certifiable nightmare.

 If you suspect that bed bugs might have checked into your Arlington area home or hotel business, bring in the professionals at Sureguard Termite and Pest Services.

Bed Bug Control Services 

If you travel frequently or own a hotel business in Arlington, you may already be family with these horrible hitchhikers. Our professional technicians certainly are, with over 50 years of experience when it comes to tackling bed bugs and other pests.

 Sureguard’s experienced teams can offer free bed bug inspections and estimates to help you know exactly what you’re dealing with. We employ a range of tried and tested bed bug treatments that can deal with these pests quickly and efficiently. We use environmentally-friendly methods to prevent any lasting harm to you or your room. 

While we do offer one-off services, you may want to consider one of our residential subscription plans to keep future bed bug infestations away. Here are some of the specialist services that we offer:

  • Bed Bug Control
  • Bed Bug Removal
  • Bed Bug Exclusion
  • Cleanup and disinfection services

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