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Scorpions in Texas are active all year, but during the summer months the heat brings the scorpions in the houses, also when people leave the lights on it will attract scorpions. The are not attracted to the lights, the things they eat are drawn to the lights. There are 18 different scorpion species in Texas. When they sting you should seek medical attention, then get professional scorpion control.

Nobody ever wants to have a run-in with a scorpion. These scary-looking arachnids are right up there with snakes and spiders on the list of pests we fear the most. Are those fears justified? Absolutely! A scorpion sting is extremely painful and, in some cases, it can be deadly. Scorpions are venomous enough to kill children, pets and anyone who might be allergic.

There are several species native to Cedar Hill, with striped bark scorpions being the most common. They love our rocky terrain, as it affords them plenty of places to hide and get out of the sun. Your house, too, presents a tantalizing hiding spot and a source of food. Because of that, scorpions are often seen in our yards found inside our homes. If you have a scorpion issue, it is wisest to seek the assistance of a licensed scorpion control professional.

Professional Scorpion Control

Sureguard Termite & Pest Services offers Cedar Hill’s top-rated and most experienced scorpion control service, and we can help you get rid of them and prevent their return. Our first step is inspection. We’ll check for possible areas of infestation both indoors and around your property. Our specialists will remove the scorpions we find and treat suspected areas with eco-friendly pesticide applications that produce results. Follow-up applications will also be performed until the scorpion infestation is fully eliminated.

Next, we’ll address the vulnerable access points of your home. Sureguard offers the best exclusion service in Cedar Hill. Our team seals up cracks and crevices, making it difficult for scorpions and other pests to get in. We offer great maintenance plans, too. Whatever you need, Sureguard has you covered.

The Best Scorpion Control in Cedar Hill

When scorpions invade your property, you may need professional help to be rid of them. Give Sureguard Termite & Pest Services a call today for the greatest scorpion control services in the Cedar Hill area!