Chigger Removal & Control in Ennis

Do you need assistance with a chigger issue in Ennis?

Chiggers are the immature stage of mites; they are more closely related to spiders than insects. Chiggers do not burrow into skin or suck blood. They pierce the skin with their mouthparts. Itching starts about 3 hours after the initial bite, the area then turns red.

Chiggers cause numerous problems for homeowners throughout Ennis. They are tiny parasites and they feed exclusively on skin cells during that early part of their lives. Chiggers target people as well as animals and will spend days on their unlucky host feeding. They leave little bumps on the skin that invariably turn into bigger pustules and an itchy rash that may last for weeks.

If you’ve experienced chigger bites, you know how truly miserable they can make us. Not only will they infest your yard, but they will also infiltrate and infest your home. If you’ve got them, inside or out, the best way to get rid of them is with professional chigger control.

Professional chigger control

So, how do you get rid of a parasite so small that it is almost invisible to the human eye? With Sureguard Termite & Pest Services, that’s how! Nobody has more experience with chigger problems in Ennis than our team of pest control professionals. We know how to locate them, indoors or out, and we know how to exterminate them, too. With industry-leading technology and products, and time-proven methods, we are the professional pest control you need for chigger issues.

You can depend on our knowledgeable experts for follow-up chigger treatments, maintenance service plans, remediation work and exclusion. We’re top-rated in Ennis because our clients’ needs always come first with us.

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Don’t let chigger bites make you and your family miserable. Contact Sureguard Termite & Pest Services today for the best chigger control services in the Ennis area!