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For Fly Control Ennis Tx call to see why you are having flies. Flies can get active very quickly, they lay eggs in garbage, trash cans, where soda has spilled, locations where meat has been laying. Flies can be in drains or other areas that are moist. Usually continued proper sanitations cleaning will keep flies at a minimum. Sureguard utilizes fly bait, fly lights, fly monitoring, reporting by fly light is available, drain cleaning and sanitation inspections.

Flies are opportunists that are perpetually attracted to human structures. They will follow you inside when you open your door or sneak in through the tiniest of openings. In a warm house with plenty of food around, the average housefly in Ennis can live for a full month, and that is plenty of time to cause trouble.

Flies spread countless dangerous diseases and, worse, they will breed inside. One fly in your house is an aggravation, but an entire swarm of them zooming around is a nightmare. If you are experiencing a fly infestation, inside or out, professional fly control is your smartest option. It’s time to put down the swatter and call Sureguard.

Professional Fly Control

Sureguard Termite & Pest Servicesis the answer to your fly problem in Ennis. Our fly control methods and products are the most advanced in the business and we guarantee success. First, our experts will inspect your property to locate problem areas that are contributing to the infestation. Next, we’ll employ targeted insecticide applications and baiting to eliminate the flies.

We also offer sanitation services, remediation and great maintenance plans for ongoing prevention. Sureguard provides more than just smart, reliable pest control in Ennis; we bring our clients the long-lasting peace of mind they truly deserve.

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