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Scorpions in Texas are active all year, but during the summer months the heat brings the scorpions in the houses, also when people leave the lights on it will attract scorpions. The are not attracted to the lights, the things they eat are drawn to the lights. There are 18 different scorpion species in Texas. When they sting you should seek medical attention, then get professional scorpion control.

The striped bark scorpion is the most problematic scorpion in the Ennis area. These slender-bodied, clever and agile arachnids are attracted to human structures and it is common to find them in our yards as well as inside homes. Striped bark scorpions are not aggressive but stings do happen, usually when the animal is taken by surprise. Of course, we are just as surprised when we encounter them, especially when they’ve decided to hide in one of our shoes or, even worse, our bed!

Scorpions are frightening and we fear them for good reason. Their sting is loaded with toxins and extremely painful. If you are allergic, it could even be fatal. If you’ve come across a scorpion in your yard or home in Ennis, never attempt to capture it yourself. Your smartest move is to reach out to a scorpion control expert for help.

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Scorpion control is one of Sureguard Termite & Pest Services’ many specialties. Our team of experts will begin by inspecting your property in Ennis and removing the scorpions. They will then implement an effective scorpion control plan to keep them away. This may include using insecticidal products as well as exclusion techniques, such as sealing up crevices and installing barriers and deterrents, which makes it more difficult for pests of all kinds to get in.

We also offer excellent maintenance plans for ongoing security from scorpions, plus cleanup and remediation. Sureguard is the most comprehensive professional pest control service in Ennis. You can rely on us for all your needs and lasting peace of mind, too.

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Don’t share your home with scorpions; you’re likely to get stung. Contact Sureguard Termite & Pest Services today for the premier scorpion control services in the Ennis area!