Ant Control & Removal in Plano

The pleasant surroundings of Plano, TX can hide annoying unknown residents – ants. There are several species of ants that can cause problems for any home, such as Ghost ants and House ants. Once they’ve established a nest, these irritating insects are difficult to evict.

If your home in Plano, TX has been invaded by legions of ants, call Sureguard Termite and Pest Services and ask us about our specialist ant control services.

Ant Removal Services 

Ants will build colonies and nests relatively quickly. To feed the colony, worker ants are sent out to scavenge for food. Many species of ants that infiltrate homes will head right for the kitchen, leaving behind a trail of pheromones for their friends. This means that even if you dispatch individual ants, it won’t be enough to eliminate the nest.

At Sureguard Termite and Pest Services, we’ve been tackling aggravating ant infestations for more than 50 years. Our trained technicians can deploy an arsenal of environmentally friendly baiting stations and liquid spot treatments to eradicate the problem at the source.

Our ant control, removal, and treatment services are all included in our four quarterly or bi-monthly residential service tiers, helping to protect your home from ant attacks throughout the year.

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