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While some people will happily keep snakes as pets, finding an unexpected serpent sitting in your basement or outbuilding can be an unpleasant surprise. It’s also scary, as there are several species of venomous snakes native to Texas. If a snake does appear, don’t try and wrangle it yourself.

Many Mansfield residents are having snake problems. Sureguard offers snake control in Mansfield. Snakes are coming out of the fields, new yards, and ponds. Sureguard’s snake control treatment will repel snakes from coming onto the property. Property needs to be mowed prior to installation of snake repellent. Take your yard back from these unwanted snakes.

Call Sureguard Termite and Pest Services and let us deal with the snake intruding on your Mansfield, TX property.

Snake Control & Removal

Even Texas’s non-venomous snakes can still dish out a nasty nip, striking quickly if you approach them. But it’s always wise to give the snake a wide berth in case it’s a cottonmouth viper or a rattlesnake. The venom of these two species can be fatal.

At Sureguard Termite and Pest Services, our veteran pest technicians have been safely wrangling snakes for over 50 years. Once called into your home, we’ll assess the situation before determining the safest way of trapping the snake. We only use environmentally friendly methods that won’t harm your home.

Members of one of our four residential pest control tiers can get quarterly or bi-monthly assistance with intruding snakes. 

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For safe, humane, and effective control of a wayward snake lurking in your Mansfield, TX property, contact Sureguard Termite and Pest Services today.