Termite Pre-Treatments in Mansfield

Termite Pretreatment Specialists in mansfield

As one of America’s most invasive and costly pests, it’s absolutely crucial to protect your home against subterranean termites. If allowed to establish a colony, these insects can quickly turn your home into a deathtrap by eating through wooden supports and foundations. Specialized termite pretreatments are one of the most effective protection methods available.

To make termites come up against a brick wall while trying to assault your Mansfield, TX home, call Sureguard Termite and Pest Services.

Termite Pretreatment and Prevention Services

At Sureguard Termite and Pest Services, we offer a range of effective termite pretreatment solutions. We’ve been perfecting these techniques for more than 50 years to better protect hardworking homeowners across Texas.

Our main pretreatments involve baiting stations and liquid treatments – all designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We’re also a Certified Specialist for installing Sentricon, which is a powerful baiting system designed to lure termites away from your home while destroying the colony from the inside out.

If you’re signed up for our Silver or Platinum residential service packages, we’ll install and replenish your protective termite pretreatments on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis. Members of these tiers can also choose to have a one-time Sentricon installation to offer the best possible protection. 

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Liquid Termite Pre Treat

The soil is treated before the slab is poured. A liquid termiticide is applied to create a physical barrier. Treatment is done to the trenches, around the plumbing areas, and horizontal barrier is created. This keeps the termites from entering through penetration points in the slab or through slab cracks.

Wood Termite Pre Treat

Sureguard Termite & Pest Control also offers wood pre-treatments. Wood pre-treatments are applied after final framing inspection but before dry wall, insulation, HVAC or wiring are installed. Using a low-dose insecticide, wood treatments provide long-term protection from termites and other wood-destroying insects.

Termite Pre Treat Sentricon- The Green Option

The Sentricon System is a non-chemical option for termite prevention pre-treatments. Rather than using liquid termiticide, the Sentricon System strategically uses termite bait and cleverly manipulates natural termite biology and behavior to destroy any present or future termite colonies. Sureguard Termite & Pest Services offer Sentricon as a pre-treatment (where accepted by local codes) and a termite damage warranty is included.

PesTubes Pest Management Delivery System

The PesTubes Pest Management Delivery System equips new homes with a built-in pest control system designed to provide long-term control. A network of precision-perforated polyethylene tubing is installed within walls after the framing stage. The tubes are routed to a service portal on the home’s exterior.  Installation is designed to easy and takes less than 30 minutes per 1,00 sq feet. PesTubes is a value-added feature that your home buyers will appreciate. No more smelly pest control applications. PesTubes treatments are virtually odorless and cost less than conventional service. The exterior service portal eliminates the need for customers to be home to meet their pest control technician. PesTubes is available installed as a stand-alone feature or in combination with our Sentricon or Wood Pre-Treatment options.