Ant Control & Removal in Waxahachie

An army of ants can quickly turn any pleasant home into a nightmare. Ant colonies build nests quickly before sending out trains of foraging workers to raid your food stores. The kitchen is their main target and eradicating individual ants does little to stop the flow.

If columns of ants have started marching into your Waxahachie home, contact Sureguard Termite and Pest Services for expert ant removal.

Ant Pest Control Services

Once a colony is built, thousands of ants can infiltrate your home while they hunt for food. These scouts leave pheromone trails that guide others into your property. The Waxahachie area is home to various species such as acrobat ants and house ants, each with their own level of annoyance.

Our experienced pest control technicians have been dealing with argumentative ants for over 50 years. Our environmentally-friendly techniques can tackle ant infestations quickly and efficiently. We use baiting stations to turn scouting ants into double-agents, terminating the nest from the inside. We also use liquid spot treatments on affected areas.

Each of our four home pest control service tiers includes ant control and removal. Protect your home throughout the year with one of our bi-monthly or quarterly service plans.

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