Benefits Of Termite Prevention Products & Services In Dallas TX Area

Benefits Of Termite Prevention Products & Services In Dallas TX Area

Why We Love Our PestTubes & Sentricon System From Sureguard Termite & Pest Services

At Sureguard, our customers are the foundation of all that we do. We are always looking for more innovative ways to better service our customers and their homes. Read The Pearce Family testimonial below and find out why they love Sureguard and the services we provide:

Our family recently moved into our second John Houston Custom Home and we couldn’t be happier! This home offers something more than our last home as it has PestTubes and the Sentricon System from Sureguard Termite and Pest Services.

In the past, we have had various pest control companies and there really wasn’t much difference from one company to the next. When John Houston Custom Homes introduced us to Sureguard and the services that they offer we were blown away. First, our home came with PestTubes built into the framing of our house.

This is such an innovative and awesome feature that we feel adds a tremendous value to our home. The PestTubes run throughout the walls of our home and have an external outlet that allows our technician to treat our entire home without us even having to be there.

We love that its odorless and that its a safer alternative for our kids and dogs to be around. We especially like the idea that its treating our whole home, not just the perimeter of the home.

Another service that Sureguard offered our home was the Sentricon System for Termites. Again, such an innovative and unique treatment option that we have never been offered with any of the other pest control companies that we have had. What we like most about Sentricon is that its a preventive measure to protect our home from termite damage.

Our technicians from Sureguard are very helpful and informative and have given us exceptional customer service. We feel that Sureguard has definitely set itself a part from other companies and they have earned lifelong customers with our family.


Protect Your Home From Termite Infestation

If you’d like proper protection from terrible termites, contact the pros at Sureguard Termite & Pest Services today! We’ll gladly prevent your home from becoming overrun by termites.