Rodent Exclusion In Grand Prairie, TX

If you’ve been experiencing a persistent problem with mice and rat infestations, you’re not alone. Nearly a third of Americans have dealt with an issue pertaining to a rodent infestation, affecting roughly 21 million U.S. homes on an annual basis. As you might be able to guess, the majority of rodent issues stem from the kitchen, the main source of food in any home.

You may have resorted to the internet to learn how to get rid of mice and rats, only to come across conventional solutions: mouse traps, rat poison, the tried-and-true dustpan and broom combination, and so forth. The truth is that these solutions may be useful in one-off situations, but if you’ve struggled with a persistent rodent issue, they’re not going to be effective in the long run.

Rodent Infestation Out Of Hand? Our Grand Prairie Rodent Exclusion Company Can Help!

It’s a shame, but many in the Grand Prairie community can’t sleep at home or focus on work due to residential and commercial rodent infestations. At the end of the day, our professional rodent exclusion services in Grand Prairie are the only rodent removal method that’s guaranteed to work.

What’s The Difference Between Rodent Exclusion And Rodent Extermination?

While both of these terms fall under the umbrella of “rodent control,” you may find that both of these services pop up when you search “rodent control near me” on the internet. Both of these services are highly effective in controlling your rodent issue, but exclusion is more humane.

While rodent extermination concerns killing rats and mice with poison and other harsh chemicals, our rodent exclusion services in Grand Prairie involve reducing the conditions that originally attracted the rodents to your property in the first place. Essentially, we’re discouraging rodents from coming back to your home or business. This is primarily done by eliminating all possible entry points in your home, eliminating all food and water source that may attract mice and rats, and following up by removing any possible nesting areas within your home.

Because rats and mice can make their way into your home through a hole that’s about the size of a quarter, it’s tough to eliminate all possible points of entry without a trained eye. That’s where Sureguard Termite & Pest Control comes in!

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If you’re wondering how to get rid of mice and rats, the solution is simple: just give our friendly rodent control experts a call at 972-406-8600 , or feel free to get a free estimate today.