Rodent Exclusion In Irving, TX

Rodents are no joke. It may seem a little hard to believe that something so small and seemingly innocent — and much lower on the food chain, not to mention — could present so many problems for homeowners and small business owners alike.

You probably wouldn’t know about it until you’ve personally experienced it, but mice and rats can actually wreak havoc on your home or business’ physical structure. Typical rodent damage includes chewed or frayed electrical wiring, numerous quarter-sized holes burrowed into your drywall and insulation, and areas soiled from rodent droppings and urine. Yes, it’s gross, and you’ll want to take care of the issue as soon as possible.

Figuring Out How To Get Rid Of Rodents

Expelling these vermin is something that’s easier said than done. If you’re like most people who’ve ever experienced a rodent infestation in Irving, then you’ve likely set out a number of mouse traps and rat poison areas for these rodents to stumble upon. Maybe you caught a few, killed a few, or drove a family of mice out of your home, only to celebrate prematurely as the problem continues to persist (and worsen, at that).

All too often, rodents rapidly multiply to the point where you’ll need a professional rodent exclusion company in Irving to take over the situation. That’s where Sureguard Termite & Pest Service enters the picture.

About Our Irving Rodent Exclusion Services

To no surprise, you’re not the only one to have dealt with a rodent problem. That’s why our rodent control company offers rodent exclusion, a humane and safe process that not only drives rodents out of your home, but keeps them out of your home.

Rodent exclusion is different than rodent extermination. As opposed to killing these mice and rats and disposing of their bodies, we instead focus on identifying all possible points of entry, and do everything in our power to properly seal these areas. Additionally, your Sureguard rodent removal expert will make sure that all possible food and drink sources are contained so that the possibility of future rodents entering your home is essentially eliminated.

Rodent exclusion sounds fairly simple, but it takes an experienced professional and a keen eye to spot these small, typically quarter-sized holes that rodents often create.

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