Termites- THE FACTS

Termites- THE FACTS



Termites, are they your best friend or your worst nightmare?

According to Dow Agro Science most recent study, Termites cause 5 billion dollars in damage each year from invading our homes, to commercial structures or anything that provides food to sustain their need for living. Termites in Texas have become prevalent and make themselves known during the early Spring and sometimes in the later Summer months. Termites are constantly foraging for a food source and they don’t know the difference between the wood studs in your walls, dead tree stumps in your yard or firewood piles up against your home. Termites work 365 days a year without ceasing to feed their colony without sleep. The termites we have here in Texas live underground and they can forage up to 250 feet from their colony. Remember, termites don’t know an address, they just know where the food sources are.

FACT… We identify Termites by the mud tubes on the walls, unfortunately when mud tubes are found, the damage in most cases have already been done! This is why preventive actions are so important in the state of Texas.

Surguard Termite & Pest Services can protect your home from these silent invaders by installing the Sentricon Termite Colony elimination system around your home, it’s like having us in your home 24/7 365 days a year protecting your greatest and largest investment. Don’t be one of the 5 million homes that TERMITES INVADE EACH YEAR!