Lawn Care Services In Dallas-Fort Worth Metro

Lawn Care in Dallas-Fort Worth Metro, TX

Are you looking for professional lawn care services in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area?

For many homeowners, a well-groomed lawn is a matter of personal pride. Green, healthy grass, devoid of weeds or pests, makes a great impression on anyone who visits your home and anyone who passes by. To keep your lawn in the best possible condition all year long, consider hiring a professional lawn care company in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro.

Dedicated Lawn Care & Fertilization

At Sureguard Lawn & Pest,our experienced lawn professionals can help your Dallas-Fort Worth area home’s lawn look full, green and healthy. With our team at your service, you’ll never have to worry about a brown or weed-choked lawn ever again. 

We offer the following lawn care services in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro:

  • Lawn fertilization to help your grass thrive year-round.
  • Lawn aeration to prevent soil compaction and help your grass grow green and strong.
  • Overseeding to improve the density of your grass for a lawn with maximum curb appeal.
  • Grub control to protect your lawn from the scourge of these grass-destroying pests.
  • Soil testing to make sure your lawn has all the nutrients it needs and is free of harmful contaminants.

#1 Lawn Care Company in DFW-Area

With some help from our pros, you’ll be able to take pride in having the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood. Get in touch with Sureguard Lawn & Pest today if you’re in need of professional lawn care services in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area!