Flea & Tick Control Treatments in Carrollton

We all love our pets, even if they start scratching while carrying fleas or ticks. However, there’s a major risk that flea and tick infestations could spread from your pet into other areas of your home. Both insects reproduce rapidly and can also affect humans.

Fleas & Ticks can bring many types of diseases. Fleas were the cause of the bubonic plague being spread. Today ticks can carry Lyme Disease, Fleas can carry typhoid fever and tapeworms that can make humans or animals very sick. Property owners do not need to have a pet to get Fleas or ticks. Fleas or ticks can infest homes or yards. With the rains the last few years we are seeing many more tick and flea infestations. 

If your pet has unknowingly brought fleas or ticks into your Carrollton, TX home, contact Sureguard Termite and Pest Control.

Control & Removal of Fleas or Ticks

When infested with fleas or ticks, our pets will scratch themselves because the pests have literally gotten under their skin. Once burrowed in, these insects will start sucking blood before laying their eggs in your pet’s fur. 

Fleas and ticks can also spread to your furniture, and from there they can also affect the human members of your family. Fleas can also carry infectious diseases, which puts your entire family at risk.

At Sureguard Termite and Pest Services, we’ve been fighting fleas and tackling ticks for over 50 years. Our expert pest technicians use environmentally friendly treatments to cleanse your home of these tiny terrors. These treatments are designed to be safe for your family and pets. We’ll also thoroughly sterilize the area after treatment.

Signing up for one of our four residential service plans entitles you to quarterly or bi-monthly flea inspections.

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Don’t let fleas or ticks get under the skin of your family. Take back your Carrollton, TX residence by contacting Sureguard Termite and Pest Services today.