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Fire ants have come to this area in a couple of ways. Some came up from South America and others came on ships in packages. Fire ants are responsible for many doctor visits each year. Fire ants have hurt many animals including quail, deer and other small wildlife. Since fire ants live in the ground they are not seen until a rain comes and mounds appear in the grass. The extension service gave away fire ant bait so we could knock them out. What they did not realize is that the imported and domestic fire ants would cross breed making a much tougher adversary. Fire ants have continued to move north. Today we have several options in controlling fire ants. Sureguard offers a one-time treatment, a three-month warranty treatment and an annual warranty treatment.

One of the last ant species you ever want to encounter near your home or business is the fire ant. Fire ants are invasive, voracious and aggressive. They invade in colonies that can number more than 500,000, and they are well-known for causing damage to agricultural, commercial and residential properties in Cedar Hill.

Fire ants also have one of the most excruciating bites of any ant. They are not named for their reddish color; they are named for the searing, burning pain they inflict. Fire ants often attack en masse and can inflict serious injury. If you’ve found fire ants inside or even near your home, the danger they pose is very real. Don’t wait, seek professional fire ant control services right away.

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When it comes to dealing with fire ant problems in Cedar Hill, nobody does it better than Sureguard Termite & Pest Services. We’ll inspect your property inside and out, locate the fire ant infestation and formulate a customized treatment plan for their elimination. We use the most technologically advanced products and methods in the industry to produce results.

Fire ant treatments often include targeted spraying as well as specially formulated baits to penetrate the nests. Follow-up applications will continue as needed until your issue has been resolved. We also specialize in maintenance service plans, remediation and smart prevention measures like fire ant exclusion. Our greatest specialty of all is peace of mind!

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If you’ve found fire ants on your property, expect injury and damage to ensure unless they’re eliminated. Call Sureguard Termite & Pest Services today for the most trusted fire ant control services in the Cedar Hill area!