Flea & Tick Control Treatments in Ennis

Are fleas or ticks causing problems for you in your Ennis home?

Fleas & Ticks can bring many types of diseases. Fleas were the cause of the bubonic plague being spread. Today ticks can carry Lyme Disease, Fleas can carry typhoid fever and tapeworms that can make humans or animals very sick. Property owners do not need to have a pet to get Fleas or ticks. Fleas or ticks can infest homes or yards. With the rains the last few years we are seeing many more tick and flea infestations.

It’s horrible to watch a pet suffer from flea and tick bites, but even worse when a household infestation occurs. These bloodsucking parasites can survive without a host longer than you might think; weeks for a flea and over a year for a tick! That’s plenty of time to take up residence in your Ennis home and begin breeding. Once that happens, it won’t just be your pets who are tortured. Both of these insects will happily take a bite out of you and your family, too.

Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness, is a serious concern throughout Ennis. Meanwhile, fleas spread dangerous pathogens like tularemia and typhus. It’s never a good thing to spot a flea or tick on your pet, in your house or even in your yard. If you do, don’t think twice. Contact a professional flea and tick control specialist for assistance.

Dependable Flea and Tick Control

Sureguard Termite & Pest Services is Ennis’s most trusted flea and tick control expert. With decades of experience, our time-tested methods and products are the most effective in town. Our team of friendly experts will locate and treat all areas of infestation with specially formulated insecticides.

Multiple applications will be administered, which is necessary to fully arrest a flea or tick infestation at every stage of breeding. We can also provide maintenance services to help keep fleas and ticks away in the future. We don’t just provide dependable flea and tick control; you can rely on us for the ongoing pest protection you need and deserve.

Call Now and Say Goodbye to Fleas and Ticks

Are you ready to say goodbye to flea and tick problems? Call Sureguard Termite & Pest Services today for the best flea and tick control in the Ennis area!