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As pests go, termites are some of the most destructive and costly. These ant-like insects live in large colonies that number in the tens of thousands. Termites primarily feed on wood, which means that they can cause devastating structural damage to homes. This can create major safety risks with weakened foundations or roof structures.

If you suspect that your Fort Worth home is infested with termites, contact Sureguard Termite and Pest Services.

Termite Control Services

One of the more terrifying aspects of termites is that the damage they cause can take a long time to emerge. Termites can constantly chew through the wood behind facades or underneath homes, and it’s often too late to avoid the damage. It’s estimated that termites cause over a billion dollars of damage every year across America, mostly caused by subterranean termites.

At Sureguard Termite and Pest Services, termites are one of our most common foes. We’ve been battling these homewreckers for over 50 years and have developed a range of effective, environmentally friendly treatments. We also offer preventative measures and exclusion tactics to protect your property from future assaults.

Whilst we do offer one-off termite treatments, termites are common enough to become a recurring problem. That’s why we include termite protection and treatment measures in our Silver, Gold, and Platinum residential pest control service plans. This helps keep your home safe from termites throughout the entire year.

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