Professional Fly Control Treatment in Grand Prairie

Even having just one fly in your home can be a nuisance. But if that lone fly leads to an infestation, the problem can escalate quickly. Whether you’re facing bluebottles, house flies, or dreaded horseflies, these insects can be extremely irritating and invasive.

To establish your Grand Prairie, TX home as a no-fly zone, call Sureguard Termite and Pest Services.

Dedicated Fly Control Services

Most species of flies seek out exposed foods and trash cans as places to lay their eggs. Their repulsive larvae – maggots – will then hatch and eat through the food or trash. This causes an unpleasant stink to develop before the maggots mature into more flies. Some species, such as house flies, can also carry infectious diseases which can spread throughout your home.

At Sureguard Termite and Pest Services, we’ve been fighting against fly infestations for more than 50 years. To deal with infestations quickly and safely, we outfit our pest control teams with a range of environmentally friendly treatments. These are designed to obliterate flies and maggots without harming your home.

Applying for one of our four residential pest control programs is the easiest way to protect your home from flies. Depending on your tier, our technicians will schedule quarterly or bi-monthly visits as needed to tackle new fly infestations.

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To stop your Grand Prairie, TX residence from being invaded by an armada of flies, contact Sureguard Termite and Pest Services today.