Bed Bug Treatments in Highland Park

Over the last few years bed bugs have been becoming more of a problem. Anyone can get bed bugs. If you travel, have guests, go to the movies, visit others you can pick up bed bugs and bring them home. Bed bugs feed on warm bodies, typically they come out and feed at night. People may or may not wake up when being bitten by bed bugs. A sign many people see is bites on their body or blood spots on the sheets or mattresses.  Bed bugs are very difficult to control, it is not something a homeowner can usually deal with. Many people think if the throw away bedding or furniture that will get rid of them, in very few cases that works. Bed bugs get in cracks and crevices, in bed frames, behind pictures and many more locations. You need professional pest control help to get rid of bed bugs.

While most pest infestations can cause sleepless nights, bed bugs are among the worst. These real-life vampires survive by drinking blood from sleeping victims and infest thousands of hotels and Airbnbs across America. It’s easy to unwillingly bring a plague of bed bugs back to your home.

Don’t let bed bugs give you and your family nightmares. Call Sureguard Termite and Pest Services today to take back your Highland Park, TX bedroom.

Bed Bug Eradication Services

Bed bugs hide in dark crevices and cracks in walls or furniture during the day. At night, these little horrors emerge to find fresh victims. If you wake up with irritating, painful red bumps on your arms and legs or spots of blood on your sheets, you’re almost certainly dealing with bed bugs.

At Sureguard Termite and Pest Services, our teams have been vanquishing bed bugs for more than 50 years. To eradicate bed bugs, we utilize an arsenal of environmentally friendly methods that won’t contaminate your bedroom. These include liquid treatments and baiting stations.

Even if you’ve beaten bed bugs once, they can be picked up again from other hotels. That’s why we devised four residential pest control service schemes that protect your home all year-round. Depending on your chosen tier, any bed bug treatments installed in your home can be replenished on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis by our licensed pest control teams.

We also offer the following operations as one-time bed bug services:

  • Bed Bug Control & Removal
  • Environmentally Friendly Bed Bug Treatments
  • Quarterly or Bi-monthly Top-ups
  • Thorough Sterilizing of Treated Areas

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