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Scorpions can be unexpected pests in your home, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. Our homes are warm and sheltered, which makes them ideal insect hunting grounds for scorpions. These arachnids typically scuttle through crawlspaces or into basements.

Scorpions in Texas are active all year, but during the summer months the heat brings the scorpions in the houses, also when people leave the lights on it will attract scorpions. The are not attracted to the lights, the things they eat are drawn to the lights. There are 18 different scorpion species in Texas. When they sting you should seek medical attention, then get professional scorpion control.

Evict stray scorpions out of your Highland Park, TX residence by calling Sureguard Termite and Pest Services.

Scorpion Control Solutions 

Texas is home to several scorpion species, including striped bark scorpions and stripetail scorpions. Most scorpions have venomous stingers, but most aren’t fatal to adults. However, small children and pets can be more at risk from the venom. Scorpions can also give you a nasty nip with their pincers.

At Sureguard Termite and Pest Services, our veteran pest controllers can quickly and safely extract rogue scorpions from your home. For over 50 years, we’ve been utilizing our environmentally friendly treatments and exclusion measures to deal with these pests. 

Our complete range of scorpion services is available with all four of our residential service packages. Any treatments that our teams install are topped up on a quarterly or bi-monthly schedule throughout the year, keeping scorpions out of your home.

Our scorpion services are also available as one-time appointments such as:

  • Scorpion Control 
  • Scorpion Removal
  • Specialized Scorpion Exclusion Measures
  • Cleanup & Repair Work 

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