Chigger Removal & Control in Keller

Are you seeking help with a chigger problem in Keller?

Chiggers are the immature larvae of mites, and so tiny that you cannot easily see them. They are more closely related to spiders than insects. Chiggers do not burrow into skin or suck blood. They pierce the skin with their mouthparts. Itching starts about 3 hours after the initial bite, the area then turns red. They feed on skin cells, and people and pets are favorite targets. Chiggers often inhabit the greenery surrounding your home, and when you pass by, they latch on. You won’t feel them at first, but within a few hours, you’ll notice a blistery, itchy rash that gets progressively worse. They may stay attached to you for days, and their bites can cause infection.

Chiggers also spread a debilitating disease called scrub typhus that causes flu-like symptoms. If you suspect you’ve got them around your home in Keller, you’ll need an experienced pest control company to get rid of them?

Professional Chigger Control

Sureguard Termite & Pest Services provides the most effective professional chigger control in Keller. Our pros will begin by carefully inspecting your home and yard to locate potential areas of chigger infestation. Then, we’ll devise a comprehensive treatment plan that is customized to your home’s exact needs.

We utilize the most sophisticated chigger control products in the industry. Our methods typically include spot applications and soil treatments with ongoing follow-up until your chigger problem is solved. We also offer top-notch maintenance services, remediation work, and the best exclusion programs in Keller.

The Most Experienced Chigger Control Company in Keller

Are you tired of chiggers invading your home and making you itchy? Call Sureguard Termite & Pest Services today for the best professional chigger control services in the Keller area!