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For Fly Control Keller Tx call to see why you are having flies. Flies can get active very quickly, they lay eggs in garbage, trash cans, where soda has spilled, locations where meat has been laying. Flies can be in drains or other areas that are moist. Usually continued proper sanitations cleaning will keep flies at a minimum. Sureguard utilizes fly bait, fly lights, fly monitoring, reporting by fly light is available, drain cleaning and sanitation inspections.

We have numerous fly species in Keller, including giant horse flies that plague our livestock, house flies that frequently get into homes, and tiny ones like fruit flies that can be especially aggravating in any environment. An infestation can happen indoors or outdoors, but once flies start breeding within your home, a flyswatter or a few strips of flypaper is just not enough.

Flies will turn your home into an uncomfortable, unsanitary mess, and they pose a serious health threat. Flies spread countless pathogens and are considered one of the worst vectors of zoonotic diseases on the planet. If you’ve got a fly problem, your best solution is a professional fly control expert like Sureguard.

Professional Fly Control

The experienced professionals at Sureguard Termite & Pest Services know just how to handle fly issues in Keller. Our certified technicians will inspect your home and locate the source of the infestation, even if it is hard to reach or hidden from sight. We’ll then begin a customized regimen of treatments that may involve the use of insecticides, baits, and other specialized techniques.

Our fly control products are the most modern in the industry, engineered for safety, and proven highly effective. We will persist with treatment until your fly infestation is eliminated, and in the aftermath, we offer many other options that can help you maintain a pest-free, worry-free home in Keller. From comprehensive maintenance services to remediation and exclusion techniques, Sureguard does it all.

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