Fly Control in Ovilla, TX

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Nobody likes flies, especially here in Ovilla where they can be a persistent problem. We have everything from tiny midges to drain flies to giant black horseflies, and they all love to torment us. Even when they aren’t biting, flies are contaminating every surface they land on with the multitude of dangerous diseases they carry.

For Fly Control Ovilla Tx call to see why you are having flies. Flies can get active very quickly, they lay eggs in garbage, trash cans, where soda has spilled, locations where meat has been laying. Flies can be in drains or other areas that are moist. Usually continued proper sanitations cleaning will keep flies at a minimum. Sureguard utilizes fly bait, fly lights, fly monitoring, reporting by fly light is available, drain cleaning and sanitation inspections.

Flies make us sick, discourage us from using our own backyards and when they infest our homes, it can be the absolute worst. If you have a fly problem inside or out, never mind the swatter or that ugly sticky tape. Call Sureguard to get rid of them.

Fly Control The Professional Way

Sureguard Termite & Pest Services is the top-rated specialist in fly control in Ovilla. We’ll use a combination of environmentally-friendly solutions such as baits, light attractants, pesticides and traps to effectively rid you of your fly issues. We also perform all related cleaning and sanitation, and are experts at exclusion as well. We’ll inspect your home for vulnerable access points and seal them up to make it harder for flies and other pests to get in.

We offer excellent maintenance service plans, too. No matter what your pest control needs are, Sureguard can provide you with the added protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

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If you’ve had it with flies and all the unsanitary problems they cause, we have your solution. Call Sureguard Termite & Pest Services today for the top-rated fly control services in the Ovilla area!