Mosquito Control in Ovilla, TX

Are you tired of being harassed by mosquitoes in Ovilla?

People can become very ill if bitten and infected. Hospitalization can occur. Mosquitoes find areas of standing or stagnate water sources. They can get in pools, under bushes, under leaves or in bushes. Mosquitoes are most active in North Texas in the warmer months typically from March to October.

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests there are, and they can do worse than make you itch when they bite. These blood-sucking insects are known carriers of some of the worst zoonotic diseases in existence, including malaria, Zika and West Nile virus. They kill more people than any other insect, even here in Texas.

Mosquitoes are so bad in Ovilla that they can make it dangerous simply to relax in your own backyard. But you don’t have to suffer the risks of getting sick or give up the enjoyment of your yard any longer. The mosquito control professionals are ready to help.

Professional Mosquito Control 

Mosquito control is one of Sureguard Termite and Pest Services’ top specialties. We’ll inspect your property in Ovilla and put an effective treatment plan into action that can greatly reduce the pervasive mosquito threat. This includes the use of special products as well as eliminating sources of stagnant water where mosquitoes are known to breed. We pride ourselves in utilizing the most advanced applications such as In2Care and Insect Growth Regulator treatments, which are proven to be amongst the most effective mosquito treatments available today. We’ll follow up with additional mosquito treatments as needed, and we offer excellent maintenance plans, too.

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