Fire Ant Control in Prosper, TX

Are you searching for help with a fire ant problem in Prosper?

Fire ants are one of the most problematic ant species, and we have them in Prosper. These ants may be tiny but they are also ferocious, and named for their intensely painful bite. Fire ants are known to attack people, and it’s usually not just one but a swarm of them. The average colony may contain up to half a million ants!

If fire ants are exploring your property, they are a threat. They cause massive amounts of structural damage, wrecking foundations, driveways and many other structures. Fire ants love to nest right next to homes in Prosper so they can raid kitchens for food. If you’ve got them, you are going to need professional fire ant control to get rid of them.

Reliable Fire Ant Control Services

When trying to get rid of fire ants, Sureguard Termite & Pest Services is your best option in Prosper. Nobody is more experienced or successful at fire ant control than our team of highly-skilled technicians. Our first step is always a thorough inspection. We’ll confirm the species, locate the fire ant nests, and then proceed with a comprehensive treatment regimen to systematically eliminate their presence.

Fire ant control methods include sprays and baits, and we continue with follow-up treatments until the fire ant infestation is gone. We also provide superior remediation service when damage has been done, along with excellent maintenance and exclusion services. Nobody will do more for you than Sureguard to give you the worry-free, pest-free home in Prosper that you deserve.

The Best Fire Ant Control in Prosper

Don’t leave your home or family at the mercy of fire ants. Call Sureguard Termite & Pest Services today for the top-rated fire ant control services in the Prosper area!