Flea & Tick Control in Prosper, TX

Do you require assistance with a flea or tick problem in Prosper?

Flea and tick populations have been steadily on the rise throughout Texas, including here in Prosper. Although we typically associate these parasites with our pets, they can make people miserable too, especially when they infest our homes and yards. Once they get inside, they infest carpets, furniture, bedding and a whole lot more. Their bites are an annoyance, but even worse, they are a health threat. Fleas spread typhus, while ticks spread Lyme disease and several other dangerous pathogens. If you’ve got a flea or tick issue, it is wise to seek professional flea and tick control services.

Dependable, Expert Flea & Tick Control

Sureguard Termite & Pest Services is the Prosper area’s leading flea and tick control company, and we can help you eliminate these vile pests from your home so you can rest easy once again. Our friendly pros will begin by inspecting your home to assess the infestation. Next, we’ll begin a comprehensive flea and tick control treatment regimen to efficiently eliminate them.

We utilize smart, effective, eco-friendly products to solve flea and tick problems, and applications will continue until we’ve achieved success. We have terrific maintenance plans, too. If you’ve got flea or tick issues, you can always count on Sureguard for the relief you need in Prosper.

Prosper’s Best Flea & Tick Control Specialists

Don’t let fleas and ticks harass your pets or your family. Contact Sureguard Termite & Pest Services today for the most comprehensive flea and tick control services in the Prosper area!