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Scorpions in Texas are active all year, but during the summer months the heat brings the scorpions in the houses, also when people leave the lights on it will attract scorpions. The are not attracted to the lights, the things they eat are drawn to the lights. There are 18 different scorpion species in Texas. When they sting you should seek medical attention, then get professional scorpion control.

Scorpions are arachnids, but they are distinctly different from their spider relatives. Scorpions glow in the dark under UV light and they have stingers, not fangs. But as interesting as scorpions may be, there is nothing amusing about encountering this scary-looking pest on your property. Striped bark scorpions are the most common in Red Oak and they are venomous. Although rarely lethal, their sting is painful and can cause serious complications like heart issues.

Scorpions like to hide under rocks, logs or debris, and they are also attracted to homes. It’s unnerving to find scorpions in your yard, but even worse when you discover them in your shoes! If you’ve got scorpions around, contact Sureguard for professional scorpion control.

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Sureguard Termite & Pest Services is Red Oak’s go-to scorpion control specialist. Our capable technicians will inspect your property, eliminate the scorpions and then treat the affected areas with an array of effective scorpion control products. We can also help keep them away with exclusion, which involves sealing up the openings around your home where pests might get in. Plus, we have comprehensive maintenance programs for even greater protection and lasting peace of mind.

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When scorpions invade your space, you’d be wise to evict them before someone gets a nasty surprise while slipping their shoes on. Give Sureguard Termite & Pest Services a call today for the top scorpion control services in the Red Oak area!