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If you’ve had an intensely itchy, painful rash that gets progressively worse before getting better, there’s a chance that chiggers are to blame. Chiggers are microscopic in size, the larvae of red mites, and that makes it easy for them to prey on unsuspecting people and pets. You don’t see them or even feel them when they latch on, and it may be hours before the itching begins. 

Chiggers feed on skin cells and soon fall off, but your skin irritation may last for weeks and can lead to infections as well as the disease Scrub typhus, which chiggers are known to carry in the Richardson area. If you suspect chiggers have infested your yard or home, your best option is the assistance of a professional chigger control specialist.

Chiggers are the immature stage of mites; they are more closely related to spiders than insects. Chiggers do not burrow into skin or suck blood. They pierce the skin with their mouthparts. Itching starts about 3 hours after the initial bite, the area then turns red. 

Expert Chigger Control

As Richardson’s most knowledgeable chigger control company, Sureguard Termite & Pest Services is your best choice. We have decades of experience dealing with these pests. Our friendly technicians will inspect your home and yard to diagnose the extent of the chigger problem and then execute a customized plan for their elimination.

We use modern, eco-friendly products that are effective and efficient, and we’ll follow up to ensure success. We also offer excellent maintenance plans, remediation, and exclusion treatments, all of which can provide invaluable ongoing chigger control for your home and precious peace of mind.

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