Flea & Tick Control in Richardson, TX

Do you need assistance with getting rid of fleas or ticks in Richardson?

Fleas and ticks are parasites that we commonly associate with our pets, but they do more than torment our four-legged friends; they infest our homes in Richardson, too. Although they need a living host, ticks and fleas can survive in carpeting and on furniture for an extended time. Once a home infestation begins, it can be a very challenging and frustrating experience. 

Fleas carry diseases like plague and tularemia. Meanwhile, ticks spread Lyme disease and many other pathogens in the Richardson area. Not only are they a health concern for your pets, but they also pose the same serious risks to your family. If you have them, you’ve got a problem that is best solved with the assistance of a specialist like Sureguard.

Fleas were the cause of the bubonic plague being spread. Fleas can carry typhoid fever and tapeworms that can make humans or animals very sick. Property owners do not need to have a pet to get Fleas or ticks. Fleas or ticks can infest homes or yards. With the rains the last few years we are seeing many more tick and flea infestations.

Professional Flea and Tick Control Solutions

Sureguard Termite & Pest Services specializes in flea and tick control in Richardson. Our experienced professionals will inspect your home, locate the infested or vulnerable areas, and commence with a customized treatment plan. This includes the use of the most advanced pesticidal applications available to exterminate fleas and ticks in all stages of development, plus follow-up treatments to ensure success. We aren’t done until the fleas and ticks are gone and the comfort of your home has been restored.

Richardson’s Most Reliable Flea & Tick Control Experts

If fleas and ticks are torturing you in your own home, it’s time to put a stop to them. Contact Sureguard Termite & Pest Services today for the top flea and tick control services in the Richardson area!