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Fire Ant Control & Removal In Dallas

An infestation of fire ants can really put some heat on your home. Bound together in sprawling colonies consisting of thousands of individuals, fire ants create vast nest mounds in your backyard. These ants have a strange attraction to electrical equipment, often short-circuiting generators and causing power cuts.

Fire ants have come to this area in a couple of ways. Some came up from South America and others came on ships in packages. Fire ants are responsible for many doctor visits each year. Fire ants have hurt many animals including quail, deer and other small wildlife. Since fire ants live in the ground they are not seen until a rain comes and mounds appear in the grass.

Don’t get burned by the appearance of fire ants. Call in the professionals at Sureguard Termite and Pest Services.

Fire Ant Eradication Services

In addition to the property damage that they can cause, fire ants also pack a nasty bite. If their colony is disturbed, these aggressive ants can attack in a relentless storm. Fire ant stings can cause intense allergic reactions, and extended exposure to their attacks can even be fatal. Young children or curious pets are even more at risk from this danger.

Tackling a fire ant nest safely isn’t something you can do yourself. Instead, call in the experienced specialists at Sureguard Termite and Pest Services. We’ve been putting out fire ant infestations for over 50 years and have developed an effective range of environmentally friendly spot treatments and baiting stations.

Fire ant services come as standard on our four residential service packages. These include quarterly or bi-monthly visits from our technicians to replenish fire ant exclusion treatments or destroy new infestations.

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