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Like many critters, snakes are drawn to our properties by the chance to find somewhere warm and dry to shelter. Spaces like basements, crawlspaces, or outbuildings are ideal for snakes. Never try to deal with a squatting snake yourself, especially if you don’t know whether it’s venomous or not.

Many Dallas residents are having snake problems. Sureguard offers snake control in Dallas. Snakes are coming out of the fields, new yards, and ponds. Sureguard’s snake control treatment will repel snakes from coming onto the property. Property needs to be mowed prior to installation of snake repellent. Take your yard back from these unwanted snakes.

To get a snake safely and quickly removed from your Dallas, TX property, call in the experts at Sureguard Termite and Pest Control.

Snake Removal Services 

While most snakes that slink into our homes aren’t venomous, Texas is home to some deadly species like Diamondback rattlesnakes. If bitten by one of these snakes, the risk of serious injury or even a fatality is high. 

The expert pest controllers here at Sureguard Termite and Pest Services have more than 50 years of experience when it comes to snake invasions. Our specially-trained teams will keep your family safe by quickly and humanely removing any intruding snakes. We use environmentally friendly traps and removal measures, capturing the animal and taking it away.

Once we’ve removed the snake, our technicians will install some exclusion measures to shore up your defenses against future snake intrusions. Before carrying out the operation, we’ll inspect the location of the snake to decide on the safest way to capture it.

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