How To Keep Termites Away From Your Dallas, TX Property: Termite Prevention

How To Keep Termites Away From Your Dallas, TX Property: Termite Prevention

The Termite Threat

Of the many wood-boring insects that inhabit the United States, none are more destructive than termites. It is estimated that native subterranean termites cause upwards of $5 billion worth of property damage to American homes and businesses every year. In a neighborhood with a large termite population, 1 in 5 homes are likely to be infested. If termites invade your home in Dallas, they will burrow through the inside of your wood, feeding on the cellulose within. 

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to detect termites until after they have already caused catastrophic damage to the interior of your wood. Flooring, trim work and structural support timber are all frequently targeted by termites. Luckily for Dallas homeowners, there are several ways of preventing termite infestation.


Deter Termites From Your Home in Dallas

If you don’t want to host termites in your Dallas residence, do everything you can to make your house uninviting to these unwanted guests. Subterranean termites are often drawn to the exterior of homes by sources of dead wood, including stacks of firewood, tree stumps and mulch. Once termites have finished gorging themselves on these veritable banquets, they will move onto your house itself. To prevent this from happening, have tree stumps ground out, pile firewood a safe distance from your house instead of directly against the walls, and avoid mulching garden beds that border your home directly.


Termites prefer to burrow in damp wood, so another way to keep termites away from your home is to prevent excess moisture from pooling along the perimeter. Make sure that all your gutters are clear of debris so that rainwater is able to drain properly, and if you pull moist dead branches out of your gutter, dispose of them away from your home. It’s also best not to plant gardens that require a great deal of watering directly beside your house.


Speaking of planting, there are some common plants that you can grow on your Dallas property to turn away termites. Marigolds, peppers, mints, garlic and catnip have all been found to keep away many pests, termites included. All of these plants secrete oils that are unpleasant to termites and will make them think twice about approaching your home.


While these methods reduce your risk of a termite infestation, none of them are impervious deterrents. To make absolutely sure that your house is protected against these pests, it’s best to call upon the aid of a professional pest control service. At Sureguard Termite & Pest Services, our specialists employ several distinct methods of termite control to protect houses in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro against termite colonization.


The Best Termite Control Service in Dallas

Sureguard makes use of two primary forms of termite prevention and control, which have proven effective both in dissuading termite infestation and in the elimination of pre-existing colonies. The first is the Sentricon baiting system. A certified technician will visit your home, perform an evaluation to determine which areas pose the highest risk for termite infestation, and then place baited traps around your property to lure in and exterminate invading termites.


The second option is a liquid treatment. One of Sureguard’s specialists will meet with you to assess your home’s unique landscaping and then schedule an appointment for the application of the liquid treatment. Next, our team will dig a shallow trench to surround your home. A technician will then fill the trench with a liquid solution that repels termites.


If you are having a new home built in Dallas, there are two types of pre-construction termite control which Sureguard can provide you. The first is the aforementioned liquid treatment, which can be poured to form a termite-blocking barrier around the perimeter of your home before the slab is poured. The second is a long-term low-dose insecticide which our experts can apply directly to the wooden frame of the home before construction is complete.


Trusted Termite Removal Services In Dallas

If termites have infested your home in the Dallas area or you want to prevent an infestation from occurring, bring in the experts to protect your property. Call Sureguard Termite & Pest Services today for the most effective termite prevention and control in Dallas!