Rodent Exclusion In DeSoto, TX

There’s nothing quite as strong as Texas pride, and when the “Best Southwest area” is concerned, it’s even more important to uphold this community with a distinct sense of pride. From your reputation as a small business in the area to the sanctity of your home, you’ll want to do everything in your power to keep these places rodent-free.

Rodent Problems Commonly Occur, But We’re Here To Help

Rodent infestations are more of a common problem than you might imagine — rodents are known to invade some 21 million U.S. homes per year! A mice or rat problem isn’t just something that puts people on edge; these critters can cause legitimate damage to your home or business’ physical structure.

At Sureguard Termite & Pest Service, we care just as much as the DeSoto community as you do. That’s why we provide rapid and effective solutions in the form of rodent control and rodent exclusion. Learn more by reading below.

Rodents Come With Costly Consequences

Some homeowners don’t even know that they have a rodent infestation until they experience electrical issues, smell something putrid, or finally notice a scurrying noise in the drywall. Once you’re aware of the situation, we recommend reaching out to a Sureguard rodent control professional immediately so that you can avoid:

  • Chewed up drywall, insulation, electrical cords, and other essential aspects of your home
  • A myriad of diseases, including salmonella, often spread by rodents
  • Sleepless nights caused by persistent rodent noises
  • A place that you and your family feel uncomfortable living in

You either own or are in the process of paying off your home. You deserve to feel comfortable in the place that you’re paying to live in, so don’t let rats and mice drive you up the wall. Our DeSoto rodent exclusion services are here to help!

“Rodent Control Near Me” Made Simple

While our competition may use chemicals that could put your pet in harm’s way, our rodent exclusion methodology involves sealing any possible entry points for these vermin within your home. With a trained eye and a desire to help people live a rodent and pest-free life, your Sureguard representative will also work to remove any possible rodent attractants from your home.

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