A Surprise Cockroach Sighting Causes A Crash

A Surprise Cockroach Sighting Causes A Crash

A Surprise Cockroach Sighting Causes A Man To Crash His Car


Hiring a pest control professional to inspect a home for insect infestations is a normal and everyday occurrence, but how often do people suspect insects of infesting their vehicles? Although it may seem out of the ordinary to discover large insects in your car, many people have reported finding insects in their car while driving. If you have a fear of insects or spiders, then you can understand how finding a bug in your car could be potentially hazardous. In fact, many people have caused accidents after discovering creepy-crawlies within their vehicles. Recently a sixty one year old woman crashed her car into an overhead bridge after becoming startled by an ugly bug that she found within her vehicle.


A female senior citizen crashed her red Mazda into a staircase that led to a road-bridge after panicking over a cockroach that she spotted in her car. Pictures of the crash have been posted to social media sites for all the world to see. The pictures show a car that has been badly damaged by making contact with the base of a concrete stairwell. Luckily, there were no pedestrians located on the staircase at the time of the crash. The woman was alone in her car at the time of the accident, but her son soon arrived on the scene to offer his shaken mother support.


Although it may seem obvious, a private driving instructor, Patrick Ong, recommends staying calm when pests are located in your vehicle while it is in motion. According to experts, the best way to prevent insects from gaining access to your car is to never eat in a car. Cleaning your vehicle regularly will nearly guarantee a lack of bugs in your car. Inspecting grocery bags for bugs is also recommended before placing them into your car, as insects often hitch rides from food-markets into cars. Cockroaches are easily the most common insects to invade vehicles. If roaches are spotted in your car during the daytime hours, then you can assume that your car is heavily infested with roaches that come out to eat during the night.


Have you ever spotted a cockroach in your car either when it was parked or while it was in motion?