Too Many Pigeons? Top Commercial Bird Deterrent Methods

Too Many Pigeons? Top Commercial Bird Deterrent Methods

One or two birds singing in your garden as the rays of the morning sun wakes you up sounds like a fantasy many would like to live. However, when the number of birds increases, the story changes. This fantasy can quickly become a horror when the whole orchestra of winged creatures finds an abode in your home or office, and their droppings can become a reason why the building is demanding a new painting every month.


In addition to pigeons, people living in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area also have to deal with other types of birds. They range from migratory birds such as robins to native species such as chimney swifts and grackles. The appearance of these critters in large numbers poses a health hazard, and this is because they can bring dangerous infections into residential and commercial areas. There are more than 60 infectious diseases that humans can get through bird droppings.


Why The Need To Deter Or Remove Birds?

When these birds nest in buildings, they also compromise the integrity of the structure. For example, the droppings of pigeons are acidic and can damage building materials such as wood, stone, and even steel. Species like chimney swifts can cause carbon monoxide poisoning as they prevent gas release from the chimney.

Brown sparrows have a habit of nesting on equipment and machinery, and their activities can lead to the malfunctioning of essential machinery. A fire can also occur when they nest on electrical wires because the nests are usually made of dry twigs and droppings.


Enlist Professional Bird Removal Help

It might be tempting to take action against birds that have continued to be a source of a nuisance, but you need to exercise some caution. Certain species are under the protection of federal law, and these are species whose existence is threatened by human activities. Extermination of these birds is generally a criminal offense in Texas, as reducing their number is considered bad for our ecosystem.

To know if a particular species is protected, you should consult bird control and management service providers which will be able to give you professional advice. Safeguard can also offer birds removal and deterrent services to ensure your equipment, roofs, chimneys and window sills are free from bird interference.


Bird Deterrent Methods

Here are a few ways people try and keep birds away from their homes or businesses:


  1. Optical gel 

This is a multi-sensory gel that uses biotechnology to discourage the perching of birds on surfaces where they are installed. They engage with the sight, smell, and touch sense of birds, which is achieved through the fire/smoke optical illusion it creates in the birds’ eyes. The gel also has the smell of citronella and peppermint oil, which the birds don’t enjoy and it is sticky, so they avoid the area.


  1. Bird Netting

Bird netting is one of the more effective methods of preventing birds from roosting on your properties. These nets are made of a mesh of weather resistant materials and are held in place by rings and buckles. Be it pigeons or grackles, there is a mesh size that suits each situation. They also come in colors that are invisible in bright light, so the architectural aesthetics are maintained.


  1. Bird Spikes 

Bird spikes are made of high-grade stainless-steel, and they are installed on signposts, pipes, peaks of buildings and other areas where birds commonly roost. Instead of birds roosting in these areas, the spikes prevent them from creating nests and are kept away from those areas.


#1 Bird Removal Services In Dallas, TX Areapigeon

For you to remove birds safely and peacefully, knowledge of the type of bird is needed and a study of the area. It will be required to know if the bird has eggs waiting to be hatched or if the species is protected.


These factors will determine the systematic removal of the critter that will guarantee they do not return. The use of poisons is not encouraged because apart from the fact that they do not effectively control the problem, they are not humane.


If you have any questions regarding your own need for bird removal services at your home or commercial property, contact the professionals at Safeguard! Our team is always ready to attend to your questions on effective bird control and deterrent services.