What do ants and termites look like

What do ants and termites look like

Is it an Ant with Wings or a Termite with Wings?

How to tell the difference between flying ants and flying termites?

Is it an Ant or a Termite?

Termites typically keep themselves hidden so more than likely if you are seeing flying or swarming termites it is probably the reproductive swarm. The problem is flying termites look a lot like swarming ants.

Here’s how to tell if it is an ant or a termite;

Wings: On ants the front pair is longer than the back, On termites they are of equal size

Waist: Ants’ are narrow and pinched, Termites are less defined and thicker

Antennae: Ants are elbowed. Termites are straight.

If you can not tell we are always here to identify them for you.